Master Influence

Learn how to conceive and communicate investible ideas that are unique, compelling and influential.

A creative idea by itself is not enough to drive an effective campaign. Analytics alone is unable to set a course. But the power to influence comes from integrating creativity, analysis and insight in a sustained way.

Integrated Marketing Communication is a strategic process for coordinating interactions to influence behavior. When you invest your time, energy and focus to learn how to connect a brand or organization to an audience, you will master the science of influence in a way that is valuable to nearly every field.

You can earn your M.S. in IMC through either the residential program in Oxford or the online program. The courses are the same, but the online program is geared toward working professionals who need a more flexible schedule.

IMC in Practice

"Brands are built … from an amalgamation of customer experiences." Brian Whipple, Senior Managing Director of Accenture Interactive.
"Data plus creativity is the future." Ivan Pollard, Senior VP - Strategic Marketing at Coca-Cola Co.