The IMC master’s degree provides a foundation in social science models that will help you understand how people think and feel and what motivates them to act. Just as models of the natural world help us to understand the universe, models of consumer behavior and effective communication help us to connect with a target audience.

As you progress, you gain a strategic mindset for brand building and learn how to integrate touchpoints to forge strong connections between people and organizations. This multi-discipline approach to communications and media combines creative skills and research knowledge that is necessary to be effective in strategic communications leadership. Because of the program’s holistic approach and theoretical foundation, you learn to anticipate trends and take advantage of new developments for years to come.

When you join the program, you will learn elements of IMC. They include consumer behavior, visual design, applied research methods, and brand strategy to culminate in a capstone course that emphasizes campaign strategy.

Elective courses explore many topics, including social media analytics, interactive design, account planning, content marketing, multimedia storytelling, and multicultural issues in IMC.

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Core Courses

Principles of IMC

3 Credit Hours

You will learn about IMC principles and understand the campaign process. This overview course serves as a gateway to other courses in the program.

Course Number: IMC 501

Design and Visual Thinking

3 Credit Hours

You will take a hands-on approach to learning the language and practice of visual design in integrated marketing communication.

Course Number: IMC 521

Consumer Research and Insights

3 Credit Hours

You will understand essential concepts in IMC research and how to apply them to campaigns. This course serves as a springboard for other courses in applied research methods.

Course Number: IMC 531

Consumer/Target Behavior

3 Credit Hours

You will understand the science of influence and how it applies to strategies and tactics in integrated marketing communication.

Course Number: IMC 541

Brand and Relationship Strategies

3 Credit Hours

You will learn to think critically about the role that a brand plays in effective strategies.

Course Number: IMC 551

Advanced Integrated Marketing Communication Campaigns

3 Credit Hours – Final Course

In this capstone course, you will apply theory, strategy, and skills in integrated marketing communication to develop a campaign.

Course Number: IMC 559

Elective Courses

Special Problems in IMC

Topics in this course vary, but past topics include hands-on approaches to survey methods and copy testing.

Course Number: IMC 509

Content Marketing

You will examine how to create and distribute media content that a specific market target values. You will also understand the role of content marketing can play as part of a larger IMC strategy.

Course Number: IMC 512

Designing Interactivity

In this introduction to experience design, you will learn HTML5 structure and the Document Object Model, basic JQuery, basic Web architecture, and the theories that underlie effective experience design.

Course Number: IMC 524

International and Multicultural IMC

You will understand variations in values and lifestyles of consumers in the United States and internationally and think critically about how they apply to IMC decisions.

Course Number: IMC 546

Advanced Media Strategy & Analysis

In this detailed survey of media planning and buying, you will learn ways to set up and evaluate an effective advertising plan.

Course Number: IMC 552

Strategic Communication Planning

In this introduction to experience design, you will learn HTML5 structure and the Document Object Model, basic JQuery, basic Web architecture, and the theories that underlie effective experience design.

Course Number: IMC 533

IMC 561: Creative Development and Direction

You will learn the creative process and apply it to meeting IMC objectives.

Course Number: IMC 561

IMC 562: Crisis Communication

You will learn how to prepare for a crisis before it happens and examine communication approaches to dealing with crises.

Couse Number: IMC 562

IMC 563: Reputation Management

This course covers public relations as a key component of integrated marketing communications, interacting with other disciplines to manage a client’s reputation among all publics and stakeholders.

Course Number: IMC 563

Internet and Mobile Media

You will think critically about the function of the social media in IMC. You will also gain advanced hands-on experience in media analytics.

Course number: IMC 571

Direct and Database Marketing

In this hands-on course, you will understand how to target a market segment, develop effective content, and assess a campaign’s effectiveness.

Course Number: IMC 572

Topics in IMC II

Intensive exploration of special topics that enhance and complement integrated marketing communications studies, including trends, multicultural issues, technology, emerging media, data analysis, crisis communication, case studies, leadership topics, strategic planning, diversity, etc. May also include developing and/or implementing IMC programs for businesses and other organizations.

Course Number: IMC 580

Collegiate Sports Promotion

Collegiate sports promotion opens students’ minds to why the college sports industry has become a multibillion-dollar business with a unique look at the NCAA, conferences, bowl games, NCAA Tournament, IMG College, IMG Collegiate Licensing, Ole Miss Athletics, sports media, and corporate involvement. Due to the status and importance in people’s lives, college sports is considered a profitable and sustainable marketing source now utilized by virtually every industry.

Course Number: IMC 584

Health Communication

You will think critically about best practices in health promotion, behavior change campaigns, and health journalism.

Course Number: IMC 585

Foundations of Sports

This course provides you an overview of the sports industry, with in-depth looks at collegiate and professional sports, sports media, athlete representation, and corporate involvement.

Course Number: IMC 586

Sports Promotion

You will focus on effective strategies and tactics in integrated marketing communication for the sports industry.

Course Number: IMC 587

IMC Explorations I

This course focuses on covering emerging issues or specialized content related to the broad fields of integrated marketing communication.

Course Number: IMC 591

IMC Explorations II

This course focuses on covering emerging issues or specialized content related to the broad fields of integrated marketing communication.

Course Number: IMC 592

Graduate Directed Study

This is a directed independent study for the integrated marketing communications graduate program.

Course Number: IMC 599

Media Leadership

You will explore challenges for effective leadership in the media industry, including changes related to technology, business models, and regulation.

Course Number: IMC 573

Multimedia Storytelling I

You will gain knowledge and practice in integrating graphics, multimedia, and interactive elements to tell a compelling story.

Course Number: Jour 590

Multimedia Storytelling II

In this project-based course, you will gain in-depth experience in working with digital media.

Course Number: Jour 610

Communications Law

You will understand and apply law and regulations in areas such as copyright, trademark, and patents as they relate to decision making in integrated marketing communication.

Course Number: JOUR 571

Public Opinion and the Mass Media

You will learn the theory and practice of measuring and influencing public opinion through reading, discussion, and practice.

Course Number: Jour 574

Problems in Public Opinion

Through a directed project, you will refine your capabilities in measuring and analyzing public opinion.

Course Number: Jour 653

Narrative Journalism

This in-depth, non-fiction narrative writing course for print, radio and online media consists of features, profiles, personal essays, travel writing and sports analysis. You will consider the practice of narrative journalism in the context of American journalism-literary history and in the context of daily news, giving you an expansive platform to explore topics of interest.

Course Number: Jour 668

Mass Media Ethics and Social Issues

You will formulate and discuss professional ethics for media practitioners. You will also analyze forces that affect the way media function in society.

Course Number: Jour 575

Research in Mass Communications

You will learn methods for gathering and evaluating information in the field of mass communication.

Course Number: Jour 651

Seminar in Mass Communication Theory

You will gain an understanding of the prominent theories that guide the field of mass communication.

Course Number: Jour 652

Please refer to the Graduate Catalog for official course descriptions.