Online Program

The IMC online master’s program is the same as the residential IMC master’s program. It’s just delivered online, offering working professionals the opportunity to pursue a degree that fits their schedule. Online students can participate in this program accredited through the University of Mississippi from anywhere in the world.


The online program lets working professionals gain cutting-edge knowledge and earn a graduate degree on a part-time basis. By taking two courses in each of the fall and spring semesters, along with two courses in the summer, you can earn the degree in 24 months. You may also choose to take fewer courses at a time, which, of course, would extend the time needed to complete the degree.

Each course in the fall and spring semesters lasts about six weeks. Summer courses last about four weeks.

You are not required to visit the Oxford campus. Each course is delivered entirely online. You do not need to log in to the course at a specific time, either. That means you can complete the coursework from anywhere in the world.

Specific deadlines for readings, course assignments, and such are spaced throughout the semester. You will need to devote about 15-20 hours per week because each course moves quickly. That means you won’t be able to put off all the work until the end of the semester. And you won’t be able to rush through everything at the beginning of the semester, either.

Certificate in Media Leadership

The Program

This 12-credit certificate in media leadership is designed to provide intensive professional development to enhance your strategic leadership skills. The program includes:

• Exclusive access to industry leaders and School of Journalism & New Media faculty

• Participants from a cross-section of the industry

• Twelve academic credits that can be applied to a Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)*

The program consists of four online courses, which run for six-seven weeks each.  The entire certificate can be earned in as little as six months.

*Participants must make a formal application to the University of Mississippi Graduate School after completing two courses if they wish to use all 12 credits toward the Master of Science in IMC. No Graduate Record Exam required.

The Structure

Participants will take the first of four six-to-seven-week courses, beginning in late July.  The final course will be completed by the beginning of March. Courses required include:

• Media Leadership – provides rich insights into the current state of the media and primes you for leadership into the future.

• Principles of Integrated Marketing Communication — understand essential concepts in IMC and how to apply them to your organization’s goals.

• Consumer Research and Insights – explore the science of influence and how it applies to strategies and tactics.

• Brand & Relationship Strategies — think critically about the role that a brand plays in effective organizational strategies.

The curriculum is designed for mid-career broadcast and new media professionals who want to focus on the strategic integration of multiple media fields.  This immersive learning experience will take place entirely online, so there is no need for participants to give up their hard-earned positions to return to school.  The certificate will equip people to lead their organizations and create the future, while it serves as a launching pad for advancement at work or for an advanced degree – or both.