Incoming students come from a variety of academic and work backgrounds. What matters is that you can think analytically and express yourself clearly in written and oral communications.

Online Degree Cost

The cost per 3-hour course is $1,670. Current tuition is $465 per hour, plus a technology fee of $75 per credit hour, and a capital improvements fee of $50 per course. The cost does not include any course materials that might be required.

Tuition information for the residential degree is provided at the Bursar’s tuition estimator.

Try It Out

If you are not sure about starting the degree program, you can take three courses as a “non-degree-seeking student.” By taking a course in the principles of IMC and another in the building blocks of knowledge, the first two courses in the sequence, you can get a feel for the program and its fit for you. If you decide to continue, you can apply for admission to the program, and the two courses will count toward your degree.

Admission Requirements

The admissions committee makes decisions on applicants in a holistic fashion. That means that no single piece of information is sufficient to “make or break” an application.

Your application must include an official transcript, three letters of reference, a resume and a personal statement. Because of difficulties surrounding COVID-19, the program is extending the GRE waiver for students applying for admission during Spring, Summer and Fall 2022.

The three letters of reference should come from people who can speak to your ability to perform well in a graduate program. They can be from former professors, supervisors or colleagues, but they should explain why you are well suited to the rigor of a graduate program in IMC. When you create your application, you will be able to enter their contact information, and they will receive an email invitation to upload a letter to the application website. The letter should not be given to you.

In your personal statement, you should explain why you want to join the program, discuss what you have to offer the program, and describe your qualifications and your career goals. Use the statement to paint a fuller picture of yourself for the admissions committee.

March 31 is the priority deadline for application to the residential program, but applications are reviewed periodically before and after that date, too.

July 31 is the deadline for application to the online program.

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